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Hunkyjunk Jackt Stroker White Ice

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JACKT stroker is rubbery thick and loaded with nubs and ribs for hüj JO fun by hünkyjunk

JACKT stroker is made of our blubbery rubbery-soft stretch Plus+SILICONE mix designed for a sloppy JO feel... this thing has hüj nubby things and ribs and it gets narrower and wider inside so many new feels for your knob.

Designed by the boys at hünkyjunk this stroker is high-intensity humpy fun... hünkyjunk knows how to work your shaft from tip to base. JACKT is big enough to take all of you all the way in. The hünkyjunk guys obsess over making big meaty strokers the right size and stretch and feel for the 'bate session.

JACKT doesn’t have a airhole in the tip by design. We designed this slobby knob-jobber so you squeeze the air out and get a noisy suck-off feel that pulls you inside deep.

HOW TO: Lube it up inside or do it in the shower filled with warm water and slide inside. Slow twisting and squeezing or hard piston humping makes this stroker get the job done. The handy hacking rubbery finger hole keeps this in your grip no matter how sloppy you 'bate.

Made of exclusive Plus+SILICONE blend with a lush dull velvet feel and a warm fleshy stretch. Hünkyjunk makes the toys that work hard look hot and are super hünky for your junk.

  • Big rubbery thick walls for extra meaty JO
  • Inner nubs all around the opening ripply humps further in
  • Finger hole rubbery loop for no-slip grip
  • Rubbery fat outer rim in case you pound hard
  • Plus+SILICONE matte-velvet-finish silicone/TPR blend

Length: 6"/15 cm
Width: 2.5"/6 cm
Depth: 2.5"/6 cm
Circumference: 8"/20 cm
Inside diameter: 1.5-2.5"/4-5 cm
Inner shaft length: 5"/13 cm
Product weight: 9 oz.