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ROMP Dash Manual Stroker Black

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ROMP Dash is manual masturbator – a skin-soft stroker that feels oh-so-good when you add just the right amount of movement. Using natural suction — no batteries required — ROMP Dash sucks as hard as you like. It’s easy to use reuse and clean. Easy come easy go.

Skin To Skin – the soft and fleshy TPE feels as real as you need it to be. It’s a riot of sensation.

This Thing Sucks – ROMP Dash allows you to control the internal suction. Shhhlurrrrp.

Good Clean Fun – the internal sleeve is removable. Use remove rinse repeat repeat repeat…

Under Cover – discreet design and a closing lid means you could leave it on your bedside table or easily smuggle ROMP Dash through airport security.

Safety First – only body-safe phthalate-free and latex-free materials.

Product features
  • Super-Soft TPE Inner Sleeve
  • ABS Case with PU coating
  • Suction control
  • Closing lid
  • Removable sleeve for easy cleaning

Dimensions 200 x 75 x 75 mm (7.87 x 2.95 x 2.95 in.)
Warranty 2 years